Our Story

Who we are

Jumble Blender is created by Lavish Space.

Located in Las Vegas, Nevada USA

We are an affordable luxury brand that develops innovative next level technology and useful products for our fast-paced lives.

Our goal is to create a more luxurious style for everyday items.

We only use the best materials to create a more stylish look, and better build quality for durability and optimum performance!

There is a unique difference we strive for, compared to our competitors!

We at Lavish Space strive to create luxury items affordable enough to not break the piggy bank!


Here’s what the JumbleBlenders might say if they could speak….

I love to live Healthy!

Load me up with your protein powders and supplements and blend me with your favorite flavors!

I like to go to dancing lessons, yoga class and love to come with you on your workouts!

I am super-safe, lap-top friendly and powerful enough to chop ice!

Isn’t that Nice?…