Enhance your elite lifestyle with fresh juice and a side of class!

Blending is a big PLUS!

Check out the PLUS water resistant model, featuring a 350ml capacity with a quad blades power, which can easily crash ice and mash those not-so-ripe fruits, for a perfect smoothie, shake, and blended ice-java!

An easy to detach base makes cleaning a snap. Grab it on the go using the silicon ring grip – it’s designed for easy holding, a quick start and easy stop button.

You’d get this model for the stronger blending ability and for the sleek and stylish look and feel.

We already packed it with a USB charger – in the box, so you can plug it anywhere – car, airports (TSA friendly), office and even with your power bank. It’s made of a food grade plastic.


Freshness on the GO!

Our water resistant USB charging device has a hard top ring grip and a serious Quad stainless steel blade with a twistable top and base.

Take it on the go and never run out of power with a removable battery. The base has a detachable bottom lid, which is lightweight for your travel  fun, sipping from its own cup.

Creating a stylish way for a healthy stress free lifestyle that’s always on the go by taking the leap towards a  healthy yet easy lifestyle.

Jumble was created by Lavish Space, where all elegant and modern lifestyle products are coming from.

Yes, we’re aware that there are plenty of blenders on the market. We created this mini portable blender with you in mind. Unlike other blenders were offering an experience by redefining convenient, safe and durability.

It makes a perfect colorful gift with so many choices of colors to suit any personality and style.


Enhance your ELITE lifestyle

A fresh juice and a side of a class! This water proof sharp dual blade is the most luxurious portable blender out there.

This travel companion is ready to be submerged, as it includes a water safety feature. 

Besides the sleek PlexiGlass design, this beauty has a drinkable spout w/ attachable ring to hook it on your backpack or for easy holding on your way to the next adventure.

Choose your favorite color: snow-white or rose-pink.

With its uniquely classy-elegant design, a wireless charging base (cable included) and the power of V5 voltage, you surely get a long and effective charge for a longer battery life.

We’re talking about ~25 BPC (blends per a single charge). That is with it’s entire 350 ml capacity! It doesn’t hurt to try – it has a safety guard feature!